Emergency Preparedness

Walla Walla University is dedicated to providing a safe campus environment. In cooperation with the Emergency Planning Committee, Campus Security facilitates preventative measures and promotes education and awareness of emergency response procedures to prepare the WWU community in the event of an emergency situation. 


Report suspicious or unusual activities to Campus Security by calling (509) 527-2222. If you observe a potentially life-threatening situation, call 911.

Review Emergency Procedures Online Handbook >


Q. How will WWU contact me in case of an emergency?
A. Banner alerts on the WWU website, Omnilert notifications, and our siren are all potential methods of communication. Sign up for emergency notifications with WWU's emergency notification system Omnilert.

Q. How do I report an emergency?
A. Call 911 for life threatening situations and suspicious behavior. Call Campus Security for suspicious circumstances at (509) 527-2222. Information on emergency reporting is outlined in the emergency notification flowchart

Q. What can I do to prepare for an emergency?
A. You can prepare for an emergency by studying the Emergency Procedures Online Handbook available online. Contact Campus Security if you have any questions about preparing for an emergency.

Q. How will I know what to do in a campus-wide emergency?
A. Pay attention to emergency notification alerts via emails, Omnilert, and other notifications and remain calm. Emergency notification procedures are outlined on the Campus Security website.

Q. Who can I contact on and off-campus for emergency and non-emergency assistance?
A. Find important numbers and emergency reporting information in the Emergency Procedures Online Handbook.